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DD Lures was founded in 2009 by two friends who were looking for a way to pass the frigid days of winter here in western Pennsylvania. It started out with a twenty pound lead pot and a single mold, but quickly grew as we realized the possibilities of customizing the molds to fit our needs. Being a machinist by trade made it alot easier to customize these molds using a CNC mill. It wasn't long after that I was approached about making a Spinnerbait mold for someone. I reluctantly agreed and gave it my best shot. The head design turned out to be a success and it wasn't long until I made a mold for the company and we started making our own version. I've adapted that same mold several times to accommodate requests from customers. Everything from the "Chatterbaits" to the "Alabama Rig" has been made using that same head design.


Everyone has a niche when it comes to tackle. We're trying to steer this business in the direction of custom colors for anglers who want something unique. I had someone tell me one time that they got a boost of confidence when they were able to pull a lure out of their box that they knew no one else had. That's the kind of lure we want to help get into your hands.

We try to price everything as low as we can based on our expenses. We're fisherman too, so we understand the importance of saving a few dollars for gas so you can get to the next fishing destination.


Lures aside, I think one of the greatest things that has come from this whole venture has been the people I've come to meet. Just this year alone I've been blessed with putting together a Pro Staff of some really stand up guys who love to fish and developed a few business relationships with some really awesome companies. We recently got to help out with a kids fishing derby, that was a huge success and plan to do many more.

Beaver Head
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